Deloitte Fleet Tax Guide

Produced on our behalf by Deloitte, the guide contains detailed information on the following together with latest announcements:

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Company Car and Fuel Benefits:

Includes car % and van benefit charges to 2019/20 and fuel benefit multipliers and charges.

Mileage Allowance Rates:

Includes maximum income tax free rates for approved mileage allowance and advisory fuel rate payments to employees.

Vehicle Excise Duty:

Includes standard and first year rates for cars and lcv’s.

Income Tax Rates and Personal Allowances:

Includes personal tax rates and allowances.

National Insurance

Includes full details of both employee and employer National Insurance Contribution rates and thresholds.

Corporation Tax and VAT:

Includes corporation tax rates until 2021.

Capital Allowances and Leasing Dis-allowances:

Includes details on C02 based first year, main pool and special rate pool allowances until 2021 and lease rental restrictions.