When travelling abroad motorists in a UK registered vehicle must carry its registration document (V5). However, if your vehicle is leased from JCT600 Vehicle Leasing Solutions Limited then we hold the V5, which means that you are legally required to carry a vehicle on hire certificate (VE103) which is the recognised alternative to the actual V5 document.

We would like to draw your attention to the new regulations that have been introduced in France to tackle pollution. The new regulations mean that you are now required to display a new vehicle emissions sticker in your vehicle should you be travelling in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble and Lille. For more information click here – https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/en/

An optional travel abroad kit (includes:- alcohol breathalysers, emergency bulb kit and headlamp beam convertors) is available to order at £24.95 + VAT and will be supplied at the same time as your VE103 document. Simply tick the box below if you wish this Kit to be included.

New European rulings relating to driver penalty fines occurred whilst driving abroad are delaying the processing of fines and are making it extremely difficult for us to transfer liability to the driver. In line with other leasing company’s we wish to inform you that we will now pay / recharge these fines instead of transferring them.

In order to obtain the VE103 document please complete the form below. Once submitted we aim to have your VE103 document to you within 5 days of your departure date. A fee of £15.00 + VAT per VE103 form will be levied.

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