Private Plate Transfer Request

Please use the below form if you wish to either put your private plate on retention or place a private plate onto your JCT600VLS vehicle. Due to the length of time it can take to make the necessary changes with the DVLA we advise informing us of your intentions around a month before the change is required.

Please note the DVLA charge £80 to put the plate on retention. There will also be an admin fee of £25 billed to your company when plates are removed.

Please provide details of the person who is making the application (i.e. whose name will be on the retention certificate)

If the private plate is to go onto another vehicle please provide details of the Nominee. If the Nominee is another leasing company please provide that company's name

The vehicle must be returned with valid plates displayed you will need to provide these if they were not retained when the vehicle was supplied.
Please note there is a cost of £15 + VAT to supply replacement number plates. JCT600 VLS will invoice you for this cost.
Please call the Fleet Administration Team on 0113 2500060 to discuss your requirements.

You will now need to place the Cherished Plate on retention with the DVLA, please visit to do this, you can enter JCT600 VLS under the nominee section. Once complete please send the retention certificate into JCT600 VLS at: Fleet Adminstration Team, JCT600 VLS, Tordoff House, Apperley Bridge, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD10 0PQ.

All information submitted will be stored and processed in compliance with our privacy policy.