The future of fleet, today!

A unique and market leading online platform providing real time funding method, drive train and vehicle specification comparisons to enable fleet managers and drivers to make the cost effective choice, every time.

What is Origo?

Origo, Latin for source or origin, is the name of JCT600 VLS’s revolutionary online solution which sources the most cost-efficient funding solution for a business and their employees.

With potential benefits for all providing different or multi-scheme policies, incorporating traditional company cars, cash allowances, salary sacrifice, ECOS, mobility and affinity schemes, there has to be a better way to deliver these to employees. Origo gives employees the only tool they need to make a fully informed decision on their next vehicle choice.

Origo delivers consultancy when designing new or amending existing policies to find the most operationally efficient and cost effective solution and a complete solution for delivering the new policy to your employees.

Origo also tackles CSR concerns and the duty of care risk when providing cash to employees, with a Structured PCH offering aimed at the employees looking to take cash where they can realise potential savings but carry out business mileage.

How Origo will work for you?

How Origo will work for your employees?

A single online platform providing you all the information you need to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next vehicle.

Compare costs based on your personal and business mileage, tax rate and vehicle preferences with the ability to adjust contracts and even the MPG to give a realistic figure tailored to your driving.


The future of fleet,