EBS Mileage Submission

As part of the registration for the Essential Business-User Scheme, VLS need to collect your annual business and private mileage split. An accurate mileage profile, including business and private mileage, is key to assigning your individual profile to control the costs of the scheme.

An individual’s ‘Motoring Amounts’ are set and these are calculated on an individual basis to provide all colleagues in the same grade and with the same Marginal Tax Rate, with a Benchmark Vehicle for the same cost.

There is no benefit to the colleague by over or underestimating your mileage however it does impact the cost of the provision of the scheme, so please ensure your estimates are as accurate as can be.

All mileages entered will be verified with your Line Manager.

Annual business mileage must be at least 10,000 miles.

All information submitted will be stored and processed in compliance with our privacy policy.