With all the change taking place in the industry it is more important than ever to take stock and consider whether the provision of fleet vehicles and services is the best fit for your business. There are a significant number of areas affecting the market currently including:

  • Introduction of WLTP emissions test and tax scheme
  • Rising company car tax liability
  • Changes to power-train demand
  • Increasing tax compliance complexity
  • Vehicle electrification and vehicle suitability
  • Future of mobility and connected cars
  • Government’s air quality plan

Our Sales Team can offer you a comprehensive and bespoke fleet consultancy service to manage the balance between costs to you and your employees and the management of the fleet across all departments within your business which have either an active involvement in administering or a say in the fleet requirements.

Utilising our expertise and knowledge and supported through our relationship with leading professional service firms we can offer you the most up to date and considered advice for your business.

Taking a holistic view of the fleet we will consider options and best practice including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle funding options – from lease versus buy to cash or car using market leading fleet analysis software
  • Vehicle whole life cost analysis – choosing the right vehicles for you and your employees considering the direct and indirect costs of supplying that vehicle
  • Fleet whole life cost analysis – considering all costs associated with the different funding methods considered or in place and the ongoing administration of your fleet
  • Fleet policy – Term and mileage suitability, company car qualification, cash allowances and vehicle choice lists
  • Duty of care – whether an employee is driving a company vehicle or their own it is important to ensure your duty of care is considered throughout
  • Driver risk – a holistic view of the fleet using all information available to us to provide a risk profile using basic information from their licence to the detail around ongoing maintenance spend and usage and fines and accident data