If you own your fleet you will know that you have a lot of capital locked into quickly depreciating assets. How would you like to release the value sealed in those assets as a cash injection back into your business? Through a sale & leaseback with JCT600 VLS you can do just that.

How does it work?

Simple. We would evaluate the fair current market value and written down value of your fleet based on the age, mileage and condition of the vehicles. You can decide if you want us to buy the fleet for market or written down value.

We would then agree with you, vehicle by vehicle, the lease term for the remaining life of the asset (the age and mileage we expect the car to reach before it is replaced) and which services you want including in the contract (maintenance, tyres, accident management etc.). We would also set a residual value on each of the vehicles.

Together we would decide on the “go live” date where we would transfer the agreed sale price for the fleet to you and ownership of the vehicles would transfer to us. From that point on you would pay a fixed monthly rental for the use of the vehicles and the contracts would operate as a standard contract hire agreement.


• Release capital back into your business improving liquidity
• Fixed monthly rentals allowing ease of budgeting
• Removal of re-sale risk
• Improved balance sheet ratios as off balance sheet funding
• Reduce maintenance risk
• Reduced fleet administration
• Can include range of additional fleet services
• “Fleet Controller” web enabled reporting as standard
• JCT600 VLS fleet consultancy provided

In these days where funding is difficult to come by and where you do not want to tie up your alternative credit lines or overdrafts the sale & leaseback option can provide those much needed funds to help your business grow.