Main Parties Unveil Plans for Motorists

The Conservative Party has committed to ensuring that almost every car and van is zero-emission by 2050, and is prepared to invest £600million by 2020 to help meet that target. The party’s manifesto includes a ‘digital infrastructure’ section, which mentions autonomous and electric vehicles with a promise of a “programme of support” to create a better environment for new technologies to be tested in the UK – potentially pointing to permission for autonomous and driverless cars and lorries to be tested on British roads. The party has also pledged to continue to develop the strategic road network, providing extra lanes on motorways and improving key routes, as well as fixing pinch points.

Meanwhile, Labour plans to focus on public transport to encourage people to get out of their cars, for better health and a cleaner environment. The manifesto mentions the reintroduction of “road safety targets” and an aim to position the UK at the forefront of the development, manufacture and use of low emission vehicles.

Finally, the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto promises to pass a Green Transport Act and introduce an Air Quality Plan. This would see the introduction of a diesel scrappage scheme, and ban diesel car and van sales by 2025. The Lib Dems also say they’d reform vehicle taxation to encourage sales of electric and low-emission vehicles, should they win the election.

This article has been reproduced with permission of the BVRLA (http://www.bvrla.co.uk)