Fully Charged Live UK North and VLS

As many of you will know from the last email we sent you, at the end of May the team attended Fully Charged Live UK North in Harrogate, here’s a little more about that…

When the opportunity arose for JCT600 VLS to attend Fully Charged alongside our Group colleagues, we jumped at the chance. To have a presence at an event that would be attended by 10,000 people across 3 days was great exposure for our brand but, it was more than that. Our drivers and potential drivers got to see a huge range of electric vehicles all in one place and, for someone exploring what electric vehicles are available they could within a matter of hours have sat in, researched, and had the opportunity to drive a multitude of vehicles across different brands – something that would have taken hours across many days to achieve by visiting dealerships.

With experts on hand to explain the merits of their vehicles, and provide insight into the technology this was really a unique showcase of what is available in the market. With the event also hosting seminars throughout the day on various topics. Plus it was about more than just the vehicle, key players in-vehicle charging were also in attendance so that drivers could learn about the full package.

JCT600 VLS opened up the event to current and prospective customers, inviting both drivers and our customer contacts to come and see us. The event team were on hand to discuss moving fleets to EV and also running salary sacrifice schemes. We also engaged in many conversations with people with no affiliation to us that wanted to know more about salary sacrifice, some going away to talk to their employer about putting a scheme in place. It was also a fantastic learning experience for our staff, many of whom attended as visitors to the event, again when else would they have the chance to see such a range of EVs at the same time?

JCT600 VLS is now looking forward to taking the ‘event kit’ on the road to our customers, where with the support of manufacturers we can provide support and education to drivers looking to move to EV through our salary sacrifice schemes. This is all part of how we engage with employees on their journey to EV

VLS in action…