Quotable NOW! The new Volvo EX30

If you have been waiting to find out how much it would cost to drive away with the new Volvo EX30 then now is the time to get in touch!

All good things come to those who wait, so the story goes.

The choice of EVs available, particularly from established European manufacturers, have often been criticised for being too big and particularly too expensive.

Now, all things are relative, but in context, Volvo is launching what could be a very important car – the EX30.

This drops in their range below the XC40. You can equate the amount of passenger and luggage space to the equivalent of a Golf/Focus size car. Or maybe as a replacement for the Volvo V40.

The EX30 is an all new car – a small SUV in size. It is a shared platform with Smart #1 (Geely own Volvo and is part of Smart.) Volvo is grouping/benchmarking the car with Audi Q2, Peugeot e-2008, Hyundai Kona, and Mini Countryman.

BEV is the only configuration the car will be available in, no ICE.

There will be three trim levels available – Core, Plus and Ultra with the Core coming a few months after launch.

Also, three drivetrain options – Single Motor, Single Motor Extended Battery and Twin Motor Extended Battery. The regular battery has a range of approx. 200 miles, the larger battery around 275 miles (dropping to 265 with Twin Motors).

To keep life and choices, simple – there are no factory options. Metallic paint is included and this includes a contrasting roof colour on the top two trims.

So – the pricing. The Entry Core model OTR is around £31500, with the projected most popular choice, the Plus Single Extended, at around £38500.

One peculiarity of the car is that even the Single Motor cars are quite powerful with 272hp and 0-60 in less than 5.5 seconds.  It will be interesting to see how the car drives, although I suspect that will encourage the use of ECO mode, where the car will still be sprightly but also efficient.