Salary sacrifice the JCT600 VLS way

As Salary Sacrifice grows in popularity, we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about how a scheme through JCT600 VLS could work to deliver a fantastic benefit to both your business and your employees. 

When you introduce a salary sacrifice scheme, the process comes with some key decisions to be made so, feeling confident in your provider and trusting their process is integral. JCT600 VLS build relationships with each customer, taking the time to know what is most important to them whilst ensuring our customers and their employees receive a unique and tailored experience. 

The employee is at the heart of any scheme, they must be considered at every step. We have a specific team to manage all salary sacrifice schemes, they are experienced in having employee-facing conversations. Abdul, from the Retail Team, describes how that works in practice:

“We have genuine conversations which help employees make the best decisions. Whether that is explaining the schemes, going through options/packages, or looking at vehicles currently in stock.”

This approach has led to some excellent feedback:

“I have been in contact with your company 3 times now and each time I have ended up dealing with Abdul and I have been really impressed with his manner, knowledge and genuine wanting to help.

On the calls I have had with him, I do not feel rushed, all my questions have been answered and the hardest thing to come across on the phone is a feeling of genuinely wanting to help and taking an interest which has just felt quite natural when talking to him this has given me a lot of confidence in the process and I have today placed my order.”

Essentially Salary Sacrifice as a scheme enables your employees to give up part of their salary in return for a company car providing a great employee benefit which is financially beneficial for both parties. We know that it works, with one driver recently confirming “Cost of care is circa £10k lower than a private lease over three years due to salary sacrifice”

To find out more about salary sacrifice and the journey to launching a scheme, you can read or download our Salary Sacrifice for Electric Cars Guide below.