Our People: Recognising our #InspiringAutomotiveWomen

We are passionate about recognising the hard work and dedication of our people. So, when the Automotive 30% Club launched its Inspiring Automotive Women Awards, we asked the team to nominate their colleagues who inspire and motivate them every day.

Two women that really stood out for the team were Lindsay Francis, Customer Service Director and Becky Eggington, Head of Retail.

Lindsay has been with us for more than 25 years through various positions. She supports and empowers her colleagues, helping them to develop their careers. And she does it with such enthusiasm and passion for her job that really motivates and inspires those around her.

Some comments from Lindsay’s nomination:

“Whilst she has her finger on the pulse with all activity within her teams and has strong relationships with customers, it’s her passion for developing and mentoring that is most inspiring. She has not only done a lot of work to improve and enhance training opportunities for people in her team and across the business, but she also takes a very tailored approach to developing people.

“Lindsay builds positive and personal business relationships, and cares about the development and wellbeing of everyone – actively going out of her way to help them succeed. Of the six management roles underneath her, five all entered as administration or entry-level roles and have sought progression under Lindsay’s guidance, support and mentorship.”

Becky was recently promoted to Head of Retail, leading a new dedicated salary sacrifice department. Having worked her way up across different areas of our corner of the industry, Becky’s well-rounded and depth of knowledge inspires her team every day; and she is always on hand to provide guidance on how to deal with any challenges or unusual queries.

Some comments from Becky’s nomination:

“Our team, customers and the wider business have such confidence in her knowledge, counsel and experience – it’s really refreshing and motivating to work alongside and learn from someone you believe in.

“Becky continually looks at ways she can improve her skills as a manager and strengthen her knowledge, never standing still or getting stuck in old ways. She sets a great example to everyone around her of what can be achieved, especially in a typically male-dominated industry. She is passionate about inspiring her children and the younger generation to achieve their potential, no matter what their gender or background is.”

The 10 most Inspiring Automotive Women will be notified in the autumn and named as IAW Award winners of 2024 at IMI Awards in March.

The Automotive 30% Club is a voluntary network of MDs and CEOs from UK-based automotive manufacturing, retailing and supplier companies. The network was founded with the purpose of encouraging inclusive leadership and achieving a better gender balance within the automotive industry. It has an aim of filling at least 30% of key leadership positions in member organisations with diverse women by 2030 through a “30 by 30” strategy.