Salary sacrifice on the road with Reckitt

JCT600 VLS and Reckitt have joined forces to celebrate the launch of Reckitt’s UK Electric Vehicle car Scheme, and what an amazing few weeks it has been. Showcasing the scheme through our very own Reckitt Roadshows. We got the chance to go on the road travelling across multiple Reckitt sites including Hull and Slough.

JCT600 VLS’ partnership with Reckitt has provided a great opportunity for the team to be able to speak and engage with employees about the salary sacrifice scheme and answer any queries employees have.

A showcase of vehicles and representatives from different manufacturers supported the events. Interested employees were able to test out the cars by sitting in them, and exploring the cutting-edge technology they have to offer. The events showcased a wide range of vehicles and manufacturers from MGs to Porsches, ranging from the lowest cost on the scheme to the highest, allowing for a real variation for employees to see.

We managed to provide some test drives on-site through Tesla, where employees could book in advance of the roadshows. As we all know, driving an Electric car is different to a petrol or diesel equivalent and so the thought of driving an Electric car can be daunting. The test drives allowed employees to drive an Electric car if they hadn’t already and were able to gain experience and confidence in how to drive an EV. This proved to be so popular at the first roadshow that Tesla brought an additional car to subsequent roadshows.  

Of course, we came to the roadshows with plenty of information to give to employees explaining all the key parts of the scheme. But obviously, our branded Reckitt sweet tins proved most popular. The tins provided such an effortless way for employees to sign up for the Reckitt mailing list by scanning the QR code on the tins, now meaning the team at VLS can communicate directly with employees and employees can access any documents with ease.

Every member of the JCT600 VLS team who attended came back from the events with a real sense of excitement about how engaged the Reckitt employees were. Credit where credit’s due, Reckitt’s internal communications about the roadshows/scheme were amazing, creating such interest and excitement. It was wonderful for the team to see such engaged employees asking all the right questions and testing our knowledge of the scheme as well!

Off the back of the roadshows, we have received positive feedback from people directly at the events and also via social media channels. One comment mentioned that employees viewed it as a ‘great way to contribute to the environment in a sustainable and reforming manner’ and we think that puts it perfectly.

There will be follow-up online events early next year, where employees can continue to engage with JCT600 VLS and learn more about the scheme but also ask any questions they may have.

The biggest take away from the Reckitt roadshows has been the employee engagement has created such a buzz for the scheme. As we said before, it has been such a positive move both for the team to see such engagement and for employees to have the opportunity to know more and get some goodies at the same time.