Everything Electric North 2024: The Recap

Electric Alley and all the EV live sessions were great at this year’s Everything Electric North Event held at the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate. Several of our colleagues from different teams attended the event throughout the weekend and they came away with valuable insights and highlights that we’d love to share with you.

Managing an Electric Fleet: Insights and Discussion 

This discussion delved into the ZEV Mandate and the recent lowering of BIK Rates until 2028. All panellists expressed a consensus that while there is sufficient power within the national grid, the challenge lies within the distribution of it. A solution for this challenge was proposed which involved using EV batteries to support the grid during periods of high demand, showcasing the potential for innovative energy management strategies!

Can the UK grid cope with the extra demand from electric cars? | National Grid Group

EV’S and Clean Energy – How can we take everyone on this electrifying journey?

The key takeaway was the critical need to improve charging infrastructure to enhance the overall EV experience for the public. Panellists highlighted the significant benefits of increasing the number of destination chargers, particularly low–output chargers in locations such as hotels and supermarkets. We could then ensure a more convenient and widespread charging network, essential for broader EV Adoption.

Public EV charging infrastructure forges ahead – but problems remain (fleetnews.co.uk)

Should Electric vehicle charging at work and destinations be standard practice?

Whilst there is a push to install lots of rapid chargers, the discussions emphasised the importance of ensuring this is balanced with lower-output chargers. For example, 27 lower output chargers at 7kWh can be installed for the same cost as one rapid charger. The low output chargers are particularly beneficial for neighbourhoods without off-street parking, offering a practical and affordable solution for residents. Many employers already offer free workplace charging as an employee benefit however EVA England is advocating for this practice to become mandated.

Four ways to optimise workplace electric vehicle charging infrastructure (fleetnews.co.uk)

The attendance for this year’s Everything Electric saw a 4% increase compared with last year. The CEO of Everything Electric highlighted the 4% increase in attendance was significant considering the challenging conditions in the UK over the past 18 months which has impacted the business strongly. The growth in attendance is a testament to the rising interest and commitment to electric vehicles and sustainable energy solutions throughout the UK despite the admitted challenges acknowledged across the industry. The event, on the whole left attendees confident that the transition to electric was making significant progress is many areas.