Public Support for Driverless Cars

A survey of 500 people has found that almost two-thirds of respondents (63%) felt positive towards the concept of driverless cars on Britain’s roads, with 59% agreeing that the roads would be safer with driverless car technologies.

Participants in the research thought the most popular benefit of this technology is that it could allow greater freedom for older or disabled people. Nearly 70% of people polled were of the view that driverless cars have the potential to deliver economic benefits, but the study also revealed concerns about security and standards. Around half of those surveyed were concerned about hacking or misuse, and a quarter were concerned that driverless cars could potentially leave people stranded if the technology failed.

There was broad support for the idea of that testing driverless cars under realistic conditions is essential to gain public support and 69% agreed that the UK should strive to lead the way in driverless car technology.

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