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Titch Talk: The New Seat Leon

This month, Titch gives us his 5 quick observations re’ the 2020 model Seat Leon…


The car, in isolation (particularly in photos), looks barely different from the car it replaces. Not so. See in the image – The bonnet is longer and lower and the rear is much tidier and modern

Note the new model is on the left


The new infotainment screen dominates the dash. Also, the revised digital binnacle is much more flexible with different (and split) views


The legroom in the back feels immediately more generous

Image Source: seat.co.uk


The seat trim in the FR model is very tidy for a cloth interior. A good contrast in textures and colours


The forthcoming PHEV models are key for Seat. Fingers crossed they can extend the power train across as many derivatives as possible – particularly the SE Dynamic

I know I said 5, but…


this car should give the Golf 8 a good run for its money.