Our Wellbeing Champions

JCT600 as a group, believe wholeheartedly in their values and they run through every stream of the organisation. One of the core values is Passion and it is one that is often demonstrated through our teams, our JCT600 and Me policies and ongoing business initiatives such as those run through the group Wellbeing programme.  

We have touched on the benefits of the Group Wellbeing programme in the past in terms of our dedicated Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) and Health MOTs but the programme really does seem to have something for everyone, from online exercise classes to nutritional therapy and stress management courses our employees have opportunities for as little or as much involvement as they like. The key here, we believe, is that no matter what the area, our employees know that the JCT600 Family has their back and is there when they need them.  

In terms of the team here at JCT600 VLS, we are extremely proud to have our own dedicated MHFA and now our two Wellbeing Champions demonstrating our passion for having the best team and the best place to work.  

The role of the Wellbeing Champion will be to keep us motivated, identify wellbeing needs, encourage self-care and most importantly drive positive change.  

A Note from both of our Wellbeing Champions:  

“We have all learnt over the last 12 months how important it is to consider Wellbeing as part of your daily / weekly routine, I’m keen to see how we can continue to do this outside of the focus of the pandemic. For me it’s also about finding what works for our employees, our job will be to filter the wide scope of Wellbeing to something that’s relevant and works for all within VLS” Rebecca Eggington 

“A few of his quotes from Stephen Covey have always stuck with me, one of which is that “Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” I think this hits the nail on the head no matter what area of wellbeing we are focussing on, as a Wellbeing Champion, I would love to be able to help drive small changes that ensure our teams get the support they need to spend time on the most important things.” Jordan Thomson 

We have already started seeing engagement across the business in our dedicated Wellbeing Teams channels and in making small but regular positive changes which were so nicely demonstrated in their mini “On Your Feet Britain” campaign so we can’t wait to see what else is to come.