2022 to see further reforms to vehicle charging grant schemes.

As part of the governments Road to Zero strategy, the last few years have seen homeowners and businesses alike have access to access a number of grants and tax incentives to aid the transition to EV. The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) have been two such incentives and both have been under continuous review and adaptation.  

What’s the current situation?  

Currently those wishing to install a ‘smart chargepoint’ at a domestic property can apply for a grant to cover up to 75% of the installation and purchase costs of their unit (up to a maximum of £350) under the EVHS.  

For charities, public sector organisations and other eligible business’ the WCS scheme currently offers a voucher-based system that covers up to a maximum of 40 grants and makes a significant dent in the cost of making charging in the workplace possible for business fleets.  

What will change? 

 In short, the changes in the reform will see a shift that focuses more on small business support and removes the grants for single domestic properties.    

When will the changes take place?  

The reforms are due to take place in April 2022. Much earlier than many had expected given the push on the Road to Zero strategy and its imminent target date.  

What does this mean for me?  

If you are a homeowner considering installing under the current scheme, the installation must take place before 31st March 2022 and you must make your claim as soon as possible because submissions after 30th April 2022 (the following month) will not be accepted. When looking at the government guidance, please take note of the information required for lease vehicles, for example, when making a claim, you will need to provide lease documents as evidence that state the start date and term of the lease.  

If you live in a flat or multiple occupancy residence with your own parking space and have an eligible vehicle, you may be able to access a grant under the new reform in 2022. 

If you are a business considering adding charging points for your workforce or fleet then there is little change to the scheme itself, although it is suggested access to the grants is going to be made easier, you can find out more at Support for small businesses, landlords and leaseholders: government charges up the electric vehicle revolution with £50 million boost – www.gov.uk

If you are looking for up to date information or application forms then the .gov website has a number of useful links available at Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)