Titch Talk: The ID.Buzz

By Paul Titchmarsh, Operations Director at JCT600 VLS

ID Buzz. I’m not sure if that’s the name most people would have put to this vehicle. Buzz, bus, whatever, it is still (nowadays at least) a unique item. An MPV that is cool, puts a smile on your face and everybody likes.

An MPV? Well, yes. The version available now is a 5-seat van slash bus. A long wheelbase 7-seater will be along later, along with a combi (half van half car), and the much-anticipated camper version. If you didn’t know, there is an ID Buzz Cargo already – which is a plain van. More about that later.

Much is being made of the fact that the list price of the ID Buzz isn’t especially small – *cough* roughly £60k. However, in context of other electric vehicles it isn’t miles out of the way.

The ID Buzz Cargo (the van), pricing seems better in context. Electric vans are still eligible for a grant from the Government of up to £5,000, which means the entry level van is just under £35,000 + Vat before options and on the road costs.

Specification. This matters more for the car and less for the van, I would suggest. The Commerce spec van really only needs body-coloured bumpers at just over £100 to have a very well specified van. Audio with CarPlay/Android auto, air conditioning, twin sliding doors, cruise control, front and rear parking sensors and LED headlights. Very good indeed. The car really needs to be a style level to make the most of the interior look and feel (that’s the more expensive one).

It is worth mentioning that size wise this is around two thirds the size of a SWB VW Transporter van, so probably a bit more capacious than a LWB Caddy and certainly taller.

I was fortunate enough to travel in a Buzz to Scotland and back just before Christmas. It was a joy to travel distance in. Great driving position, excellent sight lines and just a general feeling of happiness.

As the weather was cold this did put a dent in the range (as per every electric vehicle), so I found myself charging a little more than I’d hoped – but this did enable conversations with strangers as to how much they loved the look and the practicality.

Currently the lead time is only about 16 weeks, however….. The however is the two-tone paint schemes; the factory can’t keep up with this and it extends the lead time to more like 12 months. As I teed up earlier – plain van, wrap the half in colour rather than ordering two tones from the factory. Also, the white paint is free. You’re welcome.