World EV Day: Are you ready to #DriveChange?

The 9th of September marks World EV Day, an annual event where companies, individuals, policymakers and thought leaders from around the world come together to raise awareness of electric vehicles (EVs) and demonstrate how they benefit us and our environment. At JCT600 VLS, we’re proud to play our part in making the ‘Road to Zero’ possible. Over the years, we have helped many customers easily transition their fleet to electric. If you haven’t made the move yet, and you feel ready to #DriveChange, here are our top reasons to consider going electric…

Why go electric? 

The deadline for vehicle manufacturers to cease production of internal combustion engines (ICE) by 2030 is fast approaching, which means businesses will soon have to make that transition to electric if they have not done so yet. However, it’s not just about getting prepared for the future, going electric comes with a great number of benefits for your business, employees and the environment. 

Benefits for the business 

Tax efficiencies, lower running costs and a constantly developing market are all encouraging businesses to electrify their fleets. 

Savings are due to: 

  • BIK rate incentives (currently confirmed until 2028)
  • Reduced costs when looking at it from a whole life cost (WLC) perspective
  • Fewer service and maintenance events
  • Lower cost of fuel = lower reimbursement

In addition to cost savings, transitioning your fleet to electric also helps to support the business’ green agenda, boost brand perception and increase staff retention. 

Electric vehicle choice has significantly increased, infrastructure is improving and there have been many successful business-wide moves to EVs. 

Benefits for employees 

The cost savings can also extend to your employees who, with schemes like salary sacrifice, can benefit from more favourable tax efficiencies when running an EV over a combustion engine for their company vehicle. Whilst taking advantage of the significant savings, employees taking a vehicle on a salary sacrifice get:

  • A fully insured, maintained and managed EV
  • Contract tailored to desired term and mileage
  • Support from an experienced and knowledgeable team
  • Fixed costs for the term
  • No deposit
  • No credit check

Benefits for the environment 

Governments across the world have been pushing the move towards electric vehicles to help with the climate change crisis by reducing carbon emissions. 

Traditional combustion engines produce a number of tailpipe emissions in addition to carbon dioxide, which have a negative effect on our health and environment; the more emissions produced, the worse the long-term effects can be. This is why we have seen the rise of Clean Air Zones in built-up areas. Built to combat the high levels of health issues related to air pollution, there are already eight live zones across major UK cities, including the expansion of the London ULEZ, with more plans to follow.

Implementing an electric vehicle scheme provides a business with an opportunity to reduce emissions even further by getting the wider employee population into an EV, meaning that even those using vehicles for commuting-only purposes become part of the wider commitments to the company’s “Net Zero” plans.

Are you ready to drive change? 

You can move all or part of your fleet to electric. Whatever your requirements, if you’re thinking of making the move, or just want to know what your options are, then speak to one of our expert team. We will work with you to understand your business and fleet objectives to recommend the solution that works best for your business and drivers. 

If you would like to know more about our approach and customer journey download our guide: Electric for Your Fleet for more information. Alternatively, please get in touch to speak to one of our experts.