Summer driving. What’s the issue?

Summer Driving, what’s the issue?

When it comes to the good old British weather, we are all used to needing to prepare for every eventuality but when it comes to the summer holidays, planning for journeys just doesn’t come as naturally as it might for the winter period. Yet the summertime comes with several challenges for drivers too and reminding fleet drivers of these issues could save them a lot of time and hassle. So, let’s dive into some key considerations for summer driving.

Greater Congestion

During the summer months, there is often a significant increase in traffic. With more people opting for staycations instead of travelling abroad, UK roads become busier, especially on popular routes to holiday destinations. This potential congestion can lead to longer journey times and increased frustration for drivers.

Increased Road Works

Summer is a popular time for road maintenance and improvements. The better weather conditions make it ideal for road works, which can result in delays and diversions. Fleet drivers need to be aware of potential road works on their planned routes and allow extra time for their journeys.

Impact of Weather

While summer is generally associated with pleasant weather, it can also bring sudden thunderstorms, heavy rain, and even heatwaves. These conditions can affect driving visibility and road surface quality, leading to hazardous driving conditions. Drivers should stay updated with weather forecasts and be prepared to adjust their plans accordingly.

Electric Vehicles

The warmer weather can also affect electric vehicles (EVs). Higher temperatures can impact battery performance and charging times. Drivers of EVs need to be mindful of their vehicle’s range and plan their routes to include charging stations.

Accessibility of Breakdown Services

With more vehicles on the road, the demand for breakdown services increases. In the event of a breakdown, it might take longer for assistance to arrive. Ensuring vehicles are well-maintained and carrying out pre-journey checks can help prevent breakdowns and the associated delays.

Driver Health and Safety

Summer driving also brings health and safety considerations. High temperatures can cause discomfort and fatigue. Drivers need to stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and avoid driving during the hottest parts of the day. Additionally, ensuring the vehicle’s air conditioning is working properly can help maintain a comfortable environment.

Sadly, despite our best efforts, our services are not immune to the challenges that summertime brings, and even though we do our best to pre-empt these challenges certain areas of the business do experience delays. This is particularly true when it comes to vehicle delivery, collection, hire vehicles, and breakdowns. All areas where our trusted partners are facing a significant demand for their service and trying to pre-emptively manage the potential issues above. You can see a note regarding our Daily Rental services HERE, but if VLS drivers or customers experience are struggling with any of these areas, please do not forget our teams and your account managers are here to support you. Please do get in touch using the dedicated 24/7 Driver support lines.

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