Stay safe this winter

Top tips to keep your vehicle worry-free this winter

• Regularly check your tyres are in good
condition, correctly inflated and have
a good tread depth
• Keep your vehicle well maintained with
an up to date MOT and services as well
as regular visual checks
• Always keep an ice-scraper and de-icer
in your vehicle
• Complete a winter check of your cars
fluids, including your oil and top up your
windscreen washer bottle and radiator
with anti-freeze. Many garages offer a
winter check if you are not confident of
checking your vehicle.
• Pack a winter driving kit in case of
emergencies. This should include a torch,
spade, blanket, warm clothing, suitable
footwear, food and drink, first aid kit and
a warning triangle
• Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car to
avoid the dazzle from low winter sun

• Before starting a journey you should
ensure all snow is cleared from your
windscreen, windows, roof, lights,
mirrors and number plate, you could be
breaking the law if not
• Use your air conditioning to demist your
windows ensuring all round visibility
• Allow extra time for your journey
• Check the weather forecast before your
travel across all points on your route
• Plan your route before you set off using
main roads as these are more likely
to be gritted
• Check your phone has enough charge
to complete your journey in case of
an emergency
• Avoid hills, inclines and sharp bends
wherever possible

• Only drive if essential
• Never set off when it’s snowing heavily
• Use the highest gear possible to prevent
wheel spin
• Avoid harsh acceleration and braking
• Drive to the conditions of the road
• Take corners slowly and carry out
manoeuvres slowly and with extra care
• Brake gently to prevent your wheels
from locking
• Stopping distances can be 10 times
greater in snow and icy conditions
• Never assume roads have been gritted
• Stay well back from the vehicle in front
as snow and spray make it difficult to see
• Stopping will be more important
than starting.